Upcoming Events

Past Events

First Strike Auction, Russell Museum, Great Falls 2015

Solo Show "Pieces of Land" Contemporary landscape paintings, 4Ravens gallery  Missoula, Mt

First Strike Auction, Russell Museum, Great falls 2014

November 2013- 4Ravens Gallery. Missoula, MT. Partners' group show "The Black Bird"

July 16 - August 9, 2013 Livingston Center for Art and Culture in Livingston, Montana.   License plate collages.

August 2013 4Ravens Gallery.  Missoula, MT.  License plate collage show.

May 3- 4Ravens Gallery.  Missoula, Montana.  Surface: Furniture.

November 2012- Annual Box Show. Northwest Woodworkers' Gallery  Seattle, WA

October 2012- The Artisan's Craft: The Fine art of Woodworking. Museum of the Rockies. Bozeman, Montana

September 2012- Honor of Distinction.  2012 Rising Star Furniture Makers' Showcase. Northwest Woodworkers' Gallery.  Seattle, WA

 August 2011- Group show, furniture, Baxter Hotel.  Bozeman Montana